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Increase Your Sales Revenue in 2021


2020 was the year of tremendous adjustments. COVID-19 has taught us that nothing is guaranteed, and if we want our businesses to thrive, we always need to be one step ahead of what’s to come. As we begin an exciting 2021, do you fit in any of the categories below?

  1. I want to grow my sales funnel.
  2. I want to increase my customer base.
  3. I am working very hard but not seeing results.
  4. I am struggling to sell yet I have a very good product (service).
  5. How do I make my business known (visible)?
  6. How do I get my old clients back?
  7. Where do I get new clients?

When it comes to selling, obscurity is always going to be the big elephant in the room. Obscurity simply means; do people know you exist or have they completely forgotten about you? The business landscape has completely changed, we live in a world of infinite supply and choices. The consumer is in full control of when, how and where to buy. Here are some tips to start you off:

Human Interaction: No sale is going to happen without direct engagement, starting a conversation is the first step to making a sale. If people don’t know you and what you do, how then will they buy from you? Begin to socialize and promote your business if you want to attract customers.

“People buy from people they know and where they find convenience”
Grant Cardone

Understanding Marketing as a Function: People buy from people they know and trust thus, before overwhelming prospects with what you do, begin by making them aware of who you are and how your business can add value to them. Don’t’ be quick to sell, first market yourself well.

Invest in Branding; Marketing is about building a reputable brand. Customers naturally gravitate towards brands that give them that ‘feel good’ effect. Brand influence in the market is very important in ramping up sales.

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir."
Lisa Gansky

Sell, Don’t Be Shy About It; We can’t make money if we are too scared to sell. Customers buy the person first before the product. If you are not confident, passionate and excited about your products / services, do not expect to interest prospects. Do everything possible to fill up your sales funnel, clients have so many options, do not expect them to miraculously walk up to you.

Frequency and Consistency is Everything; We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with a million things at ago which compete for our attention. Running one advert occasionally or saying something once then go silent immediately will not cut it. With our limited concentration spans, it will take more than several attempts to get a client’s focus so keep posting and refresh your messages regularly to attract a wider audience.

Conclusion: As we start the year, directly meet up with your clients / prospects whether online or in person and discuss ways you can grow together. Loyal customers demand one thing; value exchange not just price cuts, great products, promos, customers look out for business relationships that surpass excellent service delivery. In 2021, build a brand that everyone is excited to be part of and committed to support. Everything is possible if we believe and work tirelessly for the results we want.

I wish you a fruitful and healthy 2021. I appreciate both our friendship and business relationship, excited to hear from you, get in touch, drop me a message below.

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